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Pelham dble brisure bloquant



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- More effective impact – rigid effect only in direction of pull with flexibility of external bit parts
- More effective and mouth-friendly aids
- Enables easier communication between horse and rider
- Especially effective in horses that tend to pull
- EZ-Control Pelhams have proven their worth in jumping where it is often difficult to slow the horse down before the next jump.
- If the bit is too harsh, the horses get too cautious and fail to speed up. This will not happen with the EZ-Control Pelham.
- If required, the EZ-Control Pelham has a strong leverage effect on the horse.
- As soon as the horse accepts the rein aids, the bit has a soft and comfortable action on tongue and bars.
- The EZ-Control Pelham allows more direct aids with less pressure on the reins.
Size: 12 cm - 4 3/4"
Cheeks: 4 cm - 1 1/2"
Thickness 12 mm

Widths in cm: 12.5 / 13.5/ 14.5 cm
Cheeks: 5 cm - 2"
Thickness: 14 mm

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